Commercial & Industrial

Asset protection is critical to the longevity of working equipment. Bullyliner™ can provide a cost-effective method of protection in heavy-duty applications. More importantly, maintenance can be performed safely, and onsite with minimal effort and equipment requirements, saving critical downtime.

Bullyliner™ provides Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Mining Equipment and other Industrial Equipment with the ultimate rugged surface protection from Rust, Dents and Corrosion.

At any time, anywhere Bullyliner™ can be re-applied to maintain a protective rubberized sound damping coating for all your Commercial Equipment.

Bullyliner™ is suitable for but not limited to;

  • Exterior commercial vehicle bodies and components
  • Vehicle load areas
  • Trailers
  • Mining vehicles and equipment
  • Industrial and manufacturing equipment
  • Engine bays
  • Under wheel arches
  • Underbody
  • Sound deadening inside panel