Bullyliner 4 Liter Kit + Spray Gun with FREE USA Delivery


Bullyliner™ 4 liter Kit + Spray Gun contains 4 ready to use 1 liter cans & one Bullyliner application gun, Just screw-on-can and, connect to your compressor and start spraying. One Bullyliner kit covers *approximately 260 sq ft per kit in total with a two coat system. Two coats are recommended, 3 or more for heavy duty use.

Additional coats can be applied at (anytime) for desired use.

Bullyliner provides an incredibly durable anti-skid, waterproof, rust, dent, scratch, sound damping & corrosion resistant rubberized surface coating for endless applications on all Vehicle, Commercial, Agricultural, Residential and Marine Applications.

9 Colors Available: Black, Midnight, Storm Grey, Bully Blue, Burnt Red, Camo Green, River Green, Dust Grey and Lightening Grey.